Alluring Vintage Sleeveless Full Length Halter Grande Toilette


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If you want to change the color of belt, straps and three-dimensional flower of the dress, please leave us a massage when you place the order.

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A dreamy satin A-line dress with v-shaped neckline and no sleeve features an amazing gown. The back of the dress is almost bare and is finished with zipper closure. Full length dress with flower patterns is more flexible for a fresh look. This dress reveals your elegance and grace and makes you draw attention. Custom-to-measurement for any sizes. Available colors seen as in Color Options.


Alluring Vintage Sleeveless Full Length Halter Grande Toilette

Alluring Vintage Sleeveless Full Length Halter Grande Toilette

Alluring Vintage Sleeveless Full Length Halter Grande Toilette

Alluring Vintage Sleeveless Full Length Halter Grande Toilette



Five Stars

Fun Flowing Flattering! Love it!


Great for a long airplane ride

Bought this for a long flight. It's exactly what I needed. Added a sweater and it was perfect. No need for a belt - because this was for comfort. Is it stylish? Well, no. But it doesn't matter. It doesn't wrinkle and covers my legs. A long necklace spruced it up.


Five Stars

simple long tank dress, I bought to wear around the house, much too skimpy for outside


Five Stars

Very pretty


Five Stars



Five Stars

I love the dress its made perfect


But perfect quality and

Jus a bit too short .. But perfect quality and price


Amazing dress

I bought this dress in navy blue for my sister's wedding.I received it earlier than it was expected, which was AMAZING.However, if you're shorter, I'm 5'3", the dress is a bit long BUT it's awesome for heels!I loved how it fit! The material is nice and its not itchy at all.For the price, you can't find a better dress! It was amazing!


Delayed delivery but worth the wait!

This dress is as beautiful in person as it is on the computer. I did have a delay in shipping (expected delivery was between January 14th- January 22nd however it came on January 27th). Customer service was very good. They answered my emails and got back to me so fast. I love this dress. The material is thicker that what was expected, but that's good because it isn't see through. It is very stretchy so I would recommend getting it very fitted. I am usually a size 2-4 so I ordered a 10 according to their sizing, however I should of ordered a size down just to make it more fitted around the waist.Love it, will be purchasing more colours.



Love this dress! I'm usually a size 2 or 4, depending on the store, so based on the sizing chart I bought this dress in a size 6. It fits perfectly and hugs my curves just right. It's sexy and classy.


Great Dress for Beach Wedding!

Exactly what I was looking for!!! I have a wedding in Kauai this week and it's the perfect dress for a Hawaiian wedding!!! Fits just right!!


Very nice

This dress is great. It looks like a coat, but its so nice. Very comfortable and easy to wear and match


It was nice but because of the reviews I order one bigger ...

It was nice but because of the reviews I order one bigger than my size. I order L but I should stick to My size that is Medium.



Dress was worn as part of a bride's wedding ensemble and it was elegantly lovely!


I'm in love. Definitely want more

For the price.... I'm in love. Definitely want more!I'm 52" 145lb. I did need to get it hemmed


Very size-forgiving dress!

 I want to apologize for the video, I could have found better lighting…but in my defense, I chose that spot because I had thought it was the best lighting. Sorry. Also, in trying to help you see the dress in full, I take up four minutes of your life. But once you feel you know what you are getting, feel free to close the video. It won’t hurt my feelings. Much.The dress, for anyone who can’t open videos, it stretchy enough that I promise you do not need to order larger to ensure it fits. Get your size and you are golden. The rippling on the side is VERY flattering to the waistline. Overall, I think this is a very pretty dress, so sexy. The only thing I would change is the straps. I would want a less T-Shirt casual material for the straps and ripping of the dress. But then, it may lose some of its stretch then, and the stretch is great, in my opinion.I accidently ordered an XXL, normally I am a L, sometimes I’m an XL, so I am guessing my mouse slipped when I saw how cute this dress was and I ordered wrong. But it still fits, so the dress is size-forgiving both ways.I really think you’ll love this dress, but to help you make sure, I made a LONg four minute video. Have fun!**Always take note of WHY a person liked or disliked a product, rather than going off the star system alone - Many products can be used with different intentions, and the way you intend to use it or what you need it to accomplish may not be what the person reviewing it used and rated it for. **I received this item for little or no cost with the promise that I would try to properly explain the product. I hope it has helped you understand if this is going to be a good fit in your life.



THIS DRESS is HOTTTT!! As soon as I got it in the mail I had to try it on!! I looked at my own self and said WOW!! This dress was 25 dollars!! I'm 5"0 tall with fake boobs at a 32dd little petite girls like me don't have a bust like that inless they helped. I put on this dress and was SHOCKED! I don't even have to wear a bra with this! It makes me look like I have a behind too! It fits all the RIGHT PLACES!! This Dress is sexy!! I weigh 99 pounds and this dress makes me look like I have a body like BOOM!! I'm going to buy this Dress in More colors!! I didnt listen to the revews and did not go up in size I'm so glad I didn't go up a size in this dress it is very True to size!! I'm taking this Bad Boy with me to VEGAS! With my Tan Wedged heals HOTT! Show Stoping with the pretty floral flowers that are this with the red, yellow,pink. You won't be missed!!


Five Stars


Quality Guarantee

Fine Materials

fine material

We carefully select high-quality beads, pearls, fabrics and threads to create every dress. We look for vibrant colors, beautiful sheen and rich textures in every material that goes into your dress.

Elegant Beading

hand beading

Many of our dresses feature beautiful beading on the sleeves, bodice or skirt. Professional dressmakers spend hours skillfully sewing on beads and pearls to perfect an elegant and classic design for you.

Exquisite Embroidery

exquisite embroidery

Embroidering a wedding dress takes great skill and an eye for detailed designs. Our dresses feature exquisite hand-done embroidery, brought to life from patterns and the hands of dressmakers.

Hand Ruching

hand ruching

Ruched detailing is not just decoration for your dress-it can help create a figure-flattering silhouette. Our tailors do all ruching by hand to create the perfect shape and fullness on each dress.

Hand Appliques

hand appliques

Hand-done appliqués can give a dress that extra detail that takes it from pretty to breathtaking. Our dresses feature appliqués arranged into beautiful designs and attached by hand.

Lining and Boning

lining and boning

All our dresses are fully lined and structured to hold their shape and flatter your figure. Our full-skirted dresses use a hard net lining underneath a soft fabric that feels comfortable against the skin.

Tailoring Process

lining and boning

Brand Distribution

brand distribution

Our brand has independent site for the USA, Australia, Canada, Britain, France, and Germany with 24 hours customer service.



We ship to over 200 countries worldwide through fast and reliable delivery partners.

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