Closefitting Knotted Chiffon Wedding Dress with Asymmetrical Hem


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If you want to change the color of belt, straps and three-dimensional flower of the dress, please leave us a massage when you place the order.

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This dress features chiffon covering on the satin fabric. Soft chiffon is gathered into a fabulous knot in front. This feature is very slimming. A beautiful chiffon drape drops in front to create an asymmetrical hem and flattering closefitting skirt while V-neck chiffon partially overlapped on the original satin sweetheart forms a unique neckline. The back features spaghetti straps, sexy deep-V cutting. Zip-up back is designed with court train. Shown in white, more colors available shown in Color Options. Custom-measurement for any sizes.?


Closefitting Knotted Chiffon Wedding Dress with Asymmetrical Hem

Closefitting Knotted Chiffon Wedding Dress with Asymmetrical Hem



Five Stars

this style was rejected by others



I love cats so I am happy to have come across this Galaxy Kitty top on Highly recommend!


Great fitting dress, long stap and length.

The strap that goes over the shoulder was a little long. My wife is a petite lady and the size of the dress should reflect that in the length of the strap. Little body typically means little shoulders. But overall she loved it and it fit beautifully. Will reccomend using the sizing chart to ensure the correct fit. The size she ordered is not the size she wears but was the size needed to fit her measurements and it fit beautifully. It is, however, very long! The strap was an easy fix. Tuck and tack, the length, however, more difficult because there is so much dress!


Everone will want it!

Very good, comfy material and the print very well done. Only a small person should order it. Good price for this one!


Five Stars

Love it! Fits perfect!


great quality. I highly recommend

Fit perfectly, great quality. I highly recommend.


Bought 3 - 'Nuff Said Right There!

Washes in the machine. No wrinkles. Perfect for office and dress-up. Wear it to work or roll it up in your bag and whip it out - no problem, and you're ready for after work activity. And sexy! Without showing anything! I say, "Go Norma!" (Kamali, the designer)The dress will enhance you, but keep in mind that it will hug your curves. I'm about 5'5, slim, short-waisted, with hips. On days when I have a tummy, it still looks good, but you can definitely see the tummy.It's so classic. I bought 3 - one for my drawer at the office, one for the closet at home, and one either on me or in the laundry room. So far, none is wearing out.


I love it

I'm in love......was very hesitant About ordering my wedding dress online....only thing is now the dress is cheaper than what I paid for it....other than that 5

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